Faculty & Staff Membership

Frederick R. Adams, Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Margaret  Andersen, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Robin Andreasen, Philosophy

Cristina Bacuta,  Mathematical Sciences

Jennifer Barker, Music

David Barlow, Behavioral Health and Nutrition

Susan Barton, Plant and Soil Sciences

Fidelma Boyd, Biological Sciences

Susan Boudreaux, PCS-Academic Programs

Ann Boylan, History

Susan Brynteson, Morris Library

John Burmeister, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Suzanne Burton, Music

James Butkiewicz, Economics

L. Leon Campbell, Morris Library

Pamela Cook-Ioannidis, Mathematical Sciences

Jon Cox, Art

Kirk J. Czymmek, Biological Sciences

Patricia DeLeon, Biological Sciences

Melanie Dement, Music

Timothy DeSchriver, Business Administration

Tobin Driscoll, Mathematical Sciences

Melinda Duncan, Biological Sciences

Cheng-Shun Fang, Behavioral Health and Nutrition

William Farquhar, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology

Jo Gielow, English Language Institute

Annette Giesecke, Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Jackson F. Gillespie, Accounting and MIS

Roberta Golinkoff, School of Education

Sue Groh, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Marie Hadley-Robinson, Music

Keith Handling, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology

Evelyn Hayes, Nursing

Paul Head, Music

Debra Hess-Norris, Art Conservation

Saul Hoffman, Economics

Fred Hofstetter, School of Education

John Hurt, History

Eric Jacobson, Public Policy and Administration

Nancy Jordan, School of Education

Jaehee Jung, Fashion and Apparel Studies

Mary Jo  Kallal, Fashion and Apparel Studies

Katharine Kerrane, University Honors Program

R. Rogers Kobak, Psychology

Peter Kolchin, History

William Latham III, Economics

Susan Miller, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Peter Monk,  Mathematical Sciences

Robin Morgan, Animal and Food Sciences

Chrystalla Mouza, School of Education

Burnaby Munson, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Frank Murray, School of Education

Lys Murray, Academic Enrichment Center

Russell Murray, Music

Christopher Nichols, Music

Belinda Orzada, Fashion and Apparel Studies

Lynnette Young Overby, Theatre/Dance

John Pelesko, Mathematical Sciences

Joseph Pika, Political Science and International Relations

Tatyana Polenova, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff, Nursing

Michell Provost-Craig, Behavioral Health and Nutrition

James Richards, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology

Matthew Robinson, Business Administration

Thomas Rocek , Anthropology

Karen Rosenberg, Anthropology

John Sawyer, Business Admnistration

Susan Serra, Office of Service-Learning

Barbara Settles, Human Development and Family Studies

Monika Shafi, Languages, Literatures and Cultures/Womens Studies

Bahira Sherif-Trask, Human Development and Family Studies

Nancy Signorielli, Communication

Donald Sparks, Plant and Soil Sciences

Daniel B. Stevens, Music

Lawrence Stomberg, Music

Robert Straight, Art

Robert J. Streckfuss, Music

Timothy Targett, School of Marine Science and Policy

Richard Taylor, Plant and Soil Sciences

Ulrich Toensmeyer, Applied Economics and Statistics

George Watson, Arts and Sciences

Joanne Whalen, Entomology and Wildlife Ecology

Hal White, Chemistry and Biochemistry