Phi Kappa Phi Introduces: Scott Eisenhart

For Phi Kappa Phi’s first official blog post, we would like to introduce you to Scott Eisenhart. Scott has been a member of our Phi Kappa Phi community since 2016, when he was inducted to our chapter as a University of Delaware senior. He originally joined because he wanted to be part of a community that inspired him to continue his passion for learning, even after he left formal academia. He graduated the same year of his induction, and is currently enrolled in University of Delaware’s Master of Public Administration program. He will receive his MPA degree when he graduates in May. Upon graduation, Scott hopes to work with state legislatures, either remaining in the mid-Atlantic region or relocating elsewhere. Though his experience lies with state legislature, he is also open to opportunities in government relations or local/federal government.

Much of Scott’s experience is thanks in part to his participation in University of Delaware’s Legislative Fellows program, a competitive program that assigns selected students to various caucuses of the Delaware General Assembly for nonpartisan research. Scott became a Legislative Fellow during his senior year, and has been able to continue his participation for a second year while pursuing his MPA. During his first year as a Fellow, Scott was assigned to the House Majority Caucus, where he staffed five House of Representatives standing committees: Corrections; Labor; Sunset (Policy Analysis and Government Accountability); Telecommunication/Internet and Technology; and Veterans Affairs. In this role, Scott coordinated with representatives of both parties, legislative staff, lobbyists, members of the public, and other Legislative Fellows. He also conducted legislative and policy research on topics of a wide variety, including but not limited to foreclosure law, criminal justice reform, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and veteran suicide reduction.

After Scott’s first year as a Fellow, he was asked to return for a second year. He enthusiastically accepted, and this year staffs two House of Representatives standing committees: Judiciary, and Public Safety/Homeland Security. Scott was excited to return for a second year as a Legislative Fellow, but he is also excited to begin a career in government after his upcoming graduation.

Phi Kappa Phi wishes Scott good luck with his endeavors, and extends congratulations for all his impressive  accomplishments to date.

Scott and his fellow 2016 Legislative Fellows with Lilly Ledbetter, a women’s equality activist and plaintiff in Supreme Court case Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., one of the first cases to address wage inequality. Ledbetter’s case was the inspiration for President Obama’s first bill signed into law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.